Donate books.

  • You can visit our wishlist to find and order a book to add to our library and have it sent directly here.

  • Have books you don’t need on your own shelves anymore, and think they might fit in the CDJL?

    • Bring them to us at TVUUC, send us a list of the titles, or just ask us. We’re always happy to see how we can make use of what you can’t.

  • Selling or trading books at a Knoxville area used bookseller?

    • We can use your McKay’s or Scruffy City Books store credit to shop for the CDJL! Just bring us your credit, and watch the library’s collection grow.

  • Besides books, libraries need money. Money for books, money for supplies, money for programming. If you would like to talk to us about how you can help our program grow financially, email us at